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Sehmat is a non-profit organization formed to provide spaces where our sexual selves can exist with ease alongside all other aspects of ourselves. For us this entails,

envisioning a society that accepts the existence of sexuality as a natural part of life

excavating the suppressed ways in which sexuality is expressed and denied representation in our world


recording sexuality as a dynamic and ever-evolving field of exploration


In the contemporary era of sexual revolution, how do we navigate a conversation with our romantic and sexual partners, with our children and students, with our peers at workplace, and most importantly with our heart, minds and bodies?

Our mission is to co-imagine spaces within our communities that enable our sexualities to be 

unique: not meant to fix in boxes 

exploratory: developing in action and movements

dynamic: changing as we change

informed: built on new information research and knowing

consensual: in our and our co-participants’ aware and agent choice


While we practice saying 

"No" to uncomfortable sexual experiences, 

we also build the capacity to say 

"Yes" to exploratory and evolutionary ones!


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