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We often find ourselves stuck in the grey-zones because of the complexity and dynamism of ‘sexuality’, at such times these 

Guiding Values

help us find our anchor and remember what matters to us to reach close to our vision of “co- creating safe and courageous spaces to explore sexuality”. 


any intervention we plan looks at the actor int he centre of it, here the actor is the person whose sexuality is at stake


there is always something new to know and learn and adapt to, we try hard to not get stuck in patterns and with beliefs



taking paths that we might never have taken before, choosing new options and experimenting different possibilities


as long as we keep safety of our bodies, hearts, minds and surroundings first, in our work and in our organisation, we are able to continue the journey - with breaks and pauses and first-aid when needed

Exploration Studio - 12.jpeg


many theories and concepts might pull us away from the what is the ‘experience’ of sexuality in our actual lives, the closer we go to the visible happenings, the simpler our creations become to digest


while many sub-sections play together to create our sexual selves, they interact together in oneness and we wish to remember how not addressing something can also give an incomplete picture 



as each one of us changes, through generations our entire society and cultural systems change - we want to remember to grow with the change and represent ball the generations of experiences as we live and breathe and become part of history

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